One of the many multipurpose  products that are extensively employed for our construction needs is plywood. There are very few interior spaces that don’t employ plywood for some function. It has gained appeal since it is simple to engineer and can be given many shapes. Plywood is a workable option due to its modest weight.

Thin veneer or wood layers are glued one on top of the other to form plywood. Today, plywood is sold by many different companies or brands. When it comes to purchasing plywood, homeowners and others have many options. However, the explosion of plywood demand has resulted in a glut of low-quality or inferior plywood on the market.

When utilized for building, this low-quality plywood poses a risk because the final product won’t be strong or long-lasting. You can end up paying far more for remodeling and repairs than for the plywood. Unfortunately, poor-quality plywood used in a building may contribute to some deadly accidents.

Select a reliable brand like CenturyPly that has embraced innovation and technology to produce superior-quality plywood to prevent such blunders. You can evaluate the plywood quality of their offerings and make your judgment. Check the plywood authenticity of CenturyPly with an app named CenturyPromise App.

Steps to take when selecting plywood

  1. Establishing the purpose

Determine your intended use before purchasing plywood. Furniture, bathrooms, kitchens, and even offices can all be made of plywood. There are many grades to pick from if, for instance, you are having it installed in your bathrooms. For all of your needs, CenturyPly has a variety of high-quality grades available.

  1. Search for the CML number

Plywoods have a CML number which are allotted by IS to prove their authenticity or quality. The IS mark may not be present on plywood of inferior quality. Therefore, be sure to ask the producer to display the CML number while buying plywood. Never buy plywood that lacks this verification.

Since CenturyPly plywoods are CML number stamped, you don’t need to worry about their quality or longevity. They guarantee that each item is genuine, of the highest caliber, and lasting.

  1. Testing for quality

Don’t let plywood’s appearance fool you; you also need to take into account how they work. Although low-quality plywood can seem solid and have a nice finish, it would be devoid of any practical qualities. Low-quality plywoods lack characteristics including fire resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance.

CenturyPly provides plywood with all the qualities to its customers thanks to decades of technological innovation and improvement. These rigorous quality tests are necessary to ensure that any construction job is strong, safe, and long-lasting. Since plywood can be used as a fundamental component of any construction rather than only for decoration, quality control is crucial.

  1. A duplicates checker app

What if I told you that you could check the authenticity of the plywood that you are purchasing? The CenturyPromise App is doing just that.

The CenturyPromise App software enables users to login and verify the validity of the plywood they are buying, ensuring that buyers make purchases after doing their research. You can determine whether the products are genuine or fake with only one click and scan.

Trust CenturyPly

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