60-page thesis

A thesis is a long-winded explanation of a research problem with possible solutions and outcomes. A thesis must be interesting enough to persuade your audience to continue reading it. It is interesting to delve deep into the topic. Usually, students are busy with part-time jobs and other academic workloads. Such activities keep them busy to focus on the writing process of the thesis and go for timely submission.

Are you counting the days before your thesis submission deadline? With all the determination,  writing a 60-page thesis in three weeks is possible. But the question is, do you have the capability to do so?

Writing a thesis in three weeks with some tricks and guidelines is possible. Here are invaluable tips that will help you in writing a 60-page thesis.

Set daily word count target:

Writing a 60-page thesis can be an arduous task. The number of pages does not scare you, but dealing with the 8000-word count of a thesis is surely terrifying. All research students are in the same boat of deadline submissions, but smart one knows how to tackle such problems. Sit at the computer and assess your writing and thinking speed. See how many words you can write comfortably in a day. It can be 500 or 1000 words daily. Do not worry. That’s normal when you have to do quality research. So, establish a daily writing task timetable with a defined target word count. The word count, suppose it is 8000, can be divided into 500 daily targets to complete the thesis in three weeks. See how much difference it makes. If this is still a problem for you to meet the deadline, you can use online thesis help services. Cheap dissertation writing offers the best prices for students to complete their deadline-driven tasks.

Go for skimming and scanning of the content:

The hardest part of writing a thesis is to search for relevant evidence and research papers to support your arguments. It takes time and effort to collect references and then build the library. If you are short on time, do not waste your time investigating a single term related to the topic. Adopt the rule of skimming and scanning while searching for papers. Prefer to judge the article from the title to see if it is useful for your research. Then, read only the abstract of the paper to understand the context. Skimmed the material and picked the topic’s important information, sentences, and idea. This will save you time on reading and allow you to invest more time in writing.

Reading the abstract and leaving the results and methodology behind can be problematic. Because to develop your research methodology layout, you need to figure out if this is correct and what results in expectations are if you opt for a certain method. You can seek online help to provide you with background data while writing your dissertation from different well-known resources, such as The Academic Paper UK

Establish a 10/7 rule for three weeks:

You might be familiar with the phrase 24/7, but it is time to understand the rule of 10/7 for completing a 60-page thesis in three weeks. As we know, the week has seven days and investing 10 hours each day will boost your productivity and help you accomplish your dream of writing a thesis in 3 weeks. Actionable plans can help you to achieve your dream. So, implement the rule and prompt the writing process for timely submission. However, this rule cannot be applied to students doing part-time jobs. Therefore, consider taking thesis help online for the timely completion of your degree.

Land straightaway to platforms:

Platforms and tools are made for students to solve their daily life problems. Whether it is a mathematical problem or language skills, access to these platforms can change your life. So, here is a list of a few platforms you use to quickly write a 60-page thesis.


It is an AI writing assistance tool that can decode your thesis’s errors. Yes, that’s right. It can correct your grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, and tense mistakes. Moreover, it can help you maintain the readability of the thesis. Another interesting feature of Grammarly is that it checks similarity, but only those with access to the premium version can go for a plagiarism check.

Reference managing software:

Keeping up to date list of bibliographies is important in a thesis. It is madness to manually place the references and edit them one by one. Software such as Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote can help you create an automatic library of citations and format all references simultaneously. However, it may take time to manipulate the features if you are a new user.

Escape from the realm of expectations:

It is natural for a research student to get upset and depressed for not meeting the required mental satisfaction. Spending long hours in the laboratory is tiring, and if you build an imaginary world of admiration from your colleagues and friends. It will ruin your mental health as well. So, the 60-page thesis can become achievable when you break the chains of unnecessary expectations around you. Change your perspective and admit that exceptions exist in society.

Help from another student’s thesis:

If you have underestimated your research work and are still clueless about the basic structure of the thesis, it is better to look at the sample of other students’ theses. See what type of data they have added. Pay attention to the formatting of the thesis. Read the chapters of the thesis and see how it is structured, formulated, and presented in the thesis. It will open your thesis and draw a basic sketch of the Thesis.

Create a rough draft of the thesis:

Once you know the chapters and content of the thesis, it is time to prepare your draft. Add relevant and specific points to the topic. Explain the background of the topic and state the hypothesis. Elaborate on the literature gap and review the methodologies. Describe how you will conduct your experiment and then explain the results. Ensure you highlight the topic’s significance to make your 60-page thesis a worthy academic document.


Writing a 60-page thesis can be a difficult task. Ready yourself to spend sleepless nights and leave your comfort zone. It becomes harder when you are doing multiple things simultaneously. You must look into your circumstances and choose the right option. So, accept the upcoming task and tackle it smartly.

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