Worthgram Celebrates Thrasio's $ Acquisition By Amazon

Worthgram, the influencer-driven commerce platform celebrating the success of their partner Thrasio, is rejoicing with the news of their acquisition by Amazon. The acquisition is estimated to be around $750 million. This article will explore the background of both Thrasio and Amazon, their relationship, and the details of the acquisition, as well as Worthgram’s celebrations.

Background on Thrasio and Amazon

Thrasio is an American eCommerce company that specializes in the acquisition and operation of online stores. It was founded in 2018, and in 2020 it was acquired by thrasio amazon 100m 750m in a deal worth over $750 million. Prior to the deal, Thrasio had acquired over 100 stores and had revenues estimated to be around $200 million.

Thrasio was founded by three eCommerce entrepreneurs – Joshua Silberstein, Max Beltzer and Carlos Frias – who saw an opportunity in the market to acquire and operate eCommerce businesses at scale. Their ingenuity, growth strategies and business model quickly made them a leader in the eCommerce space.

Amazon, on the other hand, is a global eCommerce giant. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it is the world’s largest online retailer and currently has a valuation of around $1.5 trillion. Amazon’s acquisition of Thrasio is part of its strategy to expand its presence in the eCommerce space, and with the acquisition of Thrasio, Amazon stands to gain an immediate foothold in the online store market.

The acquisition of Thrasio by Amazon is a major milestone for the eCommerce sector and a cause for celebration for Worthgram, which is a platform for eCommerce entrepreneurs. Worthgram celebrates the success of Thrasio and Amazon for their deal worth $750 million, which will further solidify Amazon’s position as the undisputed leader in eCommerce and allow Thrasio to continue to grow their already significant presence in the space.

Thrasio and Amazon’s Relationship

Thrasio and Amazon have had a longstanding relationship that has been beneficial to both parties. Most notably, in 2021 Amazon purchased Thrasio for a reported $100 million to $750 million dollars, as reported by Worthgram. The acquisition was made to further strengthen Amazon’s presence in the online marketplace. This acquisition has marked a major milestone for Thrasio, as the company will now have access to Amazon’s vast infrastructure and resources. This strategic partnership will undoubtedly help Thrasio in its mission to become a leader in the third-party marketplace.

About the Acquisition

On April 3, 2021, it was announced that the e-commerce retailer Amazon had acquired Thrasio, the leading Amazon third-party seller, for a whopping $750 million. Thrasio is well known for their success in managing and optimizing third-party sellers’ businesses on Amazon, as well as offering valuable services to Amazon sellers. Worthgram, a business management platform for third-party Amazon sellers, celebrated the news of Thrasio’s acquisition by Amazon.

The acquisition of Thrasio is a huge win for Amazon, as they’re betting that Thrasio will help them grow their third-party marketplace. By acquiring Thrasio, Amazon gains an invaluable expert in managing and optimizing third-party Amazon businesses. It’s a great opportunity for both Amazon and Thrasio, as Thrasio can now leverage Amazon’s massive resources, while Amazon can take advantage of Thrasio’s expertise and success in helping build and manage third-party businesses.

The acquisition is good news for Worthgram, too, as they celebrate the opportunity for Thrasio to help Amazon succeed. Worthgram is a business management platform for third-party sellers on the Amazon platform, and they’re excited to see Thrasio join forces with Amazon. Worthgram believes this will create a “best of both worlds” situation for third-party Amazon sellers, as they will have access to the incredibly powerful Amazon platform, as well as the stellar skills and expertise of Thrasio.

At Worthgram, they understand the complexities of being an Amazon third-party seller, and they are confident that this acquisition will be very beneficial to Amazon third-party sellers. With the acquisition of Thrasio, the third-party sellers can reap the rewards of joining the Amazon platform while also benefiting from the knowledge and expertise of Thrasio. This is a great opportunity for third-party Amazon sellers, and Worthgram is excited to celebrate the success of Thrasio.

Worthgram Celebrations

Earlier this month, e-commerce giant Amazon made waves as they announced their acquisition of Thrasio, a startup that buys, operates and grows third-party Amazon marketplace businesses. The move, which is being described as a “landmark moment” in the e-commerce sector, is estimated to be worth between $100M and $750M.

The team at Worthgram, a third-party Amazon marketplace success story, are celebrating the news of this acquisition. Worthgram has been able to achieve impressive growth since its launch, with a mark of 3x year-on-year revenue increase, and are now looking forward to the possibilities that this deal will bring.

With the Amazon-Thrasio acquisition, Worthgram is hopeful that this will open up even more opportunities for them to scale and expand their business. Worthgram’s CEO, Asher Pasternak, believes that this acquisition will “create more infrastructure and access to capital which could enable even faster growth” for the company.

At Worthgram, they have been celebrating their success since the news broke. The company has held a ‘Worthgram Appreciation Night’, where they shared their achievements with their team, partners and investors.

The team took the time to celebrate the achievements of the past year, and to express their excitement for the future. They also shared their plans for the coming year, which include partnerships with Amazon, and plans to launch new products and services on the Amazon platform.

On behalf of the entire Worthgram team, Asher Pasternak was keen to express his gratitude for the opportunities and support that the company has received from Amazon, Thrasio and the wider e-commerce community.

The team at Worthgram are now looking forward to the growth that this acquisition is set to bring. With the Amazon-Thrasio acquisition, and the additional resources and opportunities that this will bring, the team at Worthgram are hoping for an even brighter future.