Netgear Extender Login Password

You might be well aware of the fact that every Netgear range extender requires a password to unlock the mywifiext setup dashboard. This way no one will be able to make changes to the extender’s settings except you. But, it will be possible only if you change the password from the default value to something customized. Why do you need to modify the Netgear extender login password and how to do it? Read on to know.

Why Change Netgear Extender Login Password?

Every extender manufactured by the renowned company Netgear arrives with a factory-set password and username. FYI, the values of the default credentials are the same for every Netgear range extender. It means no matter whether you buy a Netgear AC600 or Netgear N300 range extender, both will have the same values for the default username and password. Thus, how can you expect that unauthorized users are not aware of the same? That is why to strengthen the security of your Netgear device; you have to alter the default admin password.

Now that the importance of changing the admin password of the Netgear range extender has been unveiled, it is time that you do it. Given in the next section are the steps that will help you assign a new admin password to your Netgear extender.

How to Change Netgear Extender Login Password?

  1. Open a Web Browser

Since every setting of the Netgear range extender is tweaked by accessing its web graphical management interface, it is necessary that you lay your hands on an upgraded web browser. We are suggesting an upgraded one so that you won’t find yourself struggling with any trouble while changing the admin password. Apart from this, make sure that the browser is not loaded with a cache.

  1. Visit

Now, make your way to the address field of the internet browser and type into it. The web address needs to be entered without flaws. Additionally, keep in mind not to use the search box for the URL entree. After entering the URL, press the Enter key on the keyboard.

  1. Input the Default Login Details

The next step is to reach the Netgear extender setup wizard. Thus, you have to input the factory-set password as well as the username of the Netgear device you own into their designated fields. FYI, the login details are case-sensitive. Therefore, enter them carefully and hit the button labeled Log In.

  1. Access the Administrative Section

Right after you select the Log In button, you will get redirected to the Netgear extender’s BASIC Home screen. A lot of tabs will appear in front of your eyes. Here, you’ve to select the Administration tab. You will be taken to the window revealing the Administrative settings of your Netgear wifi range extender.

  1. Add the New Password

On the Administrative window, insert the old password of the extender into its designated field. After that, input the password you want to assign to your Netgear device twice. The second entrée is done for the confirmation of the first one. Once you’re done entering the new password, save the changes.

This is how you can change the Netgear admin password for the range extender. After you save the settings, you’ll get logged out of the extender indicating that the changes have become effective. Therefore, try logging in to your Netgear device using the password you’ve just updated.

The Bottom Line

Our guide discussing why and how to change the Netgear extender login password is being wrapped up now. Know that the information provided in this article is universal no matter whether you’ve performed Netgear EX7500 setup or Netgear EX3700 setup. We hope that using the aforementioned instructions, you’ll be able to change the Netgear admin password on the extender model you own thereby making your extender secure.

Count it as a bonus but you can also consider changing the username of your Netgear device. It will help you make it more secure. And yes, change the admin info after every 3 months to improve network security.