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We all commonly use the term housewife to refer to those females who tend to be the caretaker of the home while the male partner works professionally and earns for the family. However, the world has become more particular and so are the terms that represent different facts of human society. So, a more specific term that represents the category of a housewife is the SAHM. In this article, we will be exactly looking at what does SAHM means and what it entails for society. So, stick till the end. 

What is a SAHM?

SAHM, or a stay-at-home mother, is a carer who usually prioritizes kid and family care while a partner works at a job. You may also run into the term SAHP, or stay-at-home parent, which also refers to stay-at-home dads. The crux remains that a SAHM is the embodiment of all the roles expected from the traditional notion of a housewife.

The Possible roles of a SAHM

There isn’t a single task that distinguishes SAHMs because they frequently take on a variety of varied duties. They typically manage a variety of tasks to keep the kids entertained, nourished, clean, active, and meeting developmental milestones, in addition to serving in a variety of other responsibilities such as housekeeper, organizer, social planner, treasurer, personal shopper, and chauffeur for the family.

Even if they are essential to their family, some people might not recognise or value this role, and they might question what a SAHM contributes to society as a whole. Some people wonder why anyone would want to raise a child at home. So, the fact remains that SAHM meaning isn’t restricted to domestic spheres only, it sometimes may transcend it as well.

Challenges to Being a SAHM

Many working women who go from an office job to staying at home with kids are surprised to learn that being a SAHM is a full-time job. Not all women are equipped to care for children and a household since it takes a lot of work and patience. Intense social pressure can also be experienced by women, ranging from pressure to be the perfect stay-at-home mother to criticism from others who believe that taking care of a household at home is either low or degrading.

I hope that with the discussion so far you have finally understood ‘What is a SAHM’ and how their contribution is as integral as any professional working class towards society. 

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