If your WavLink AC600 WiFi range extender is glowing red, there is something big you really need to think about. Well, the status of LEDs on your WavLink AC600 extender determines its functionality and overall performance. If anyone of them, especially the power LED started blinking red, then the extender’s performance will surely degrade. “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue can be due to improper WavLink WiFi extender setup or outdated firmware.

Don’t worry! Here, in this post, we are going to pen down some tested and proven hacks following which troubleshooting “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue will be a walk in the park for you. Let’s start over!

Fix WavLink AC600 Extender Red Light Issue

Fix 1: Check the Power

First, check the power supply being supplied to your WavLink AC600 extender. Ensure that you are providing the extender an adequate power supply. Apart from that the electrical socket in which the extender is plugged in must be well working.

If you think that the wall socket isn’t working well, replace it right away. But, do not plug in your WavLink AC600 extender into the damaged one.

Fix 2: Check the Cable Connection

Loose or faulty Ethernet/ wired connection can also create “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue. For fixing the issue, just ensure that the cable you have used for connecting your WavLink AC600 extender and router is well working. Besides, you also have to ensure that you have made a finger-tight connection between your host router and WavLink AC600 extender.

After giving the above-mentioned two important hacks a try, see whether “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue is fixed or not. Just in case, it doesn’t, give the next one a try.

Fix 3: Relocate WavLink AC600 Extender

Bad location also causes “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue. So, we suggest you, unplug the extender from the current location and place it somewhere else. Our recommendation is to place your WavLink AC600 extender at the center-most area in your home, near to your router, and on a non-congested surface. 

Fix 4: Reboot Your WavLink AC600 Extender

Still struggling with “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue? If yes, try rebooting your WavLink AC600 extender. Sometimes, technical glitches can also prevent you to make the most out of your WavLink extender. Hence, rebooting would be a better option.

To reboot your WavLink AC600 extender:

  • Just unplug it and wait for some time

  • If you have connected your WavLink AC600 extender and router, disconnect them as well.

  • Plug in back your WiFi range extender and then, reconnect it with your router.

After making a connection between your devices, the LEDs on your WavLink AC600 extender will start flashing green. Once it gets stable, access http//ap.setup page, update its firmware, and make changes to it.

Fix 5: Reset WavLink AC600 Extender

Is the “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue solved? Perhaps, you have not performed WavLink WiFi extender setup in a proper way. No worries! For fixing it, we suggest you reset your WavLink WiFi range extender. Here how:

  • Press the WavLink WiFi extender’s reset hole. Wait; keep holding it for a couple of seconds.

  • Now, you can release it.

Connect the WavLink WiFi extender and router in a proper way. Once you are done, perform the WavLink AC600 setup process from the scratch.

Wondering how to do so? Don’t wonder anymore! Let us provide you the simplest method for the same, shall we? So, perform WavLink AC600 setup in a hassle-free way using the WPS method. Here are the instructions:

WavLink AC600 Setup via WPS

  • Keep your WavLink AC600 WiFi range extender and router in close proximity.

  • Press the WPS button on your WavLink AC600 extender and then on your router.

  • Wait for a couple of minutes and the WavLink WiFi extender setup process will be completed using the WPS method.

To use the WPS method to perform WavLink WiFi extender setup, make sure that your router has the WPS function.

In a Nutshell

So, these were the hacks that will surely help you cope up with “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue. We hope that you are able to do away the “WavLink AC600 extender red light” issue by following the hacks? If yes, we wish you a hassle-free and super-duper happy experience with WavLink AC600 extender.