Step By Step Spiderman Drawing Easy | Drawing Tutorial

Spiderman Drawing Easy Numerous fantastical, outsized characters from Norse mythology are still well-known today. One of the most well-known and well-liked of these interesting gods is Loki, the god of mischief.

One of the reasons he is still so well-known is that he has been given new life as a beloved character in other Marvel characters.

Easy Spiderman Illustration

In addition, he later appeared in several well-liked Marvel films and television programs, and his fame is still growing!

This article can be helpful if you want to learn how to draw Loki but don’t know where to begin.

Admirers of this cunning figure shouldn’t miss this tutorial! We genuinely hope you enjoy working with us on this wonderful how-to guide that outlines six easy steps for luring Loki to you.

Drawing in Step By Step


  • Loki’s drawing in this drawing tutorial will be based on the classic outfit he wears in Marvel comics.
  • We’ll begin with the protruding horns on his helmet from the comics and movies.
  • The crescent-shaped horn on the left is created by using curved lines. Use more curved lines for the right one; yet, due to the angle, this one will seem to be straighter.
  • His enormous, angular helmet will have a tiny opening at the front for his face. Include his face, which also has a serious expression, in that space.
  • After adding a few more curved lines to the broad collar of his cloak in this stage, we can move on to step 2.


  • Now draw the large shoulder sections of his cloak.
  • This area of your Loki image will receive the large, square shoulder portions of Loki’s cloak.
  • For the top margins of these shoulder portions, start by sketching some straightforward, horizontal, straight lines. Then the thick, angular rims of the shoulder pads should be drawn.
  • You might want to reproduce the provided example carefully because some parts can be difficult.
  • Then, additional pointed lines should be placed on the lower portions of the collar, and other curved lines should be extended downward to create the opening for his cloak over his chest.


  • We may move on to step 3 after adding rims to the edges of these collar component pieces.
  • He draws out his first arm and more of his cloak in the third phase.
  • We’ll be adding lots of details in this section of our drawing lesson on Loki! The right arm will be drawn first.
  • There will be a fist formed by the hand and a carefree hanging of the arm by his side. The same little pieces, padding, and embellishments that adorn his garment are also present on this arm.
  • The front portions of his cloak can then be depicted using flowing squared shapes, and the lower portions can be done using thin, rectangular shapes.
    You can go to step 4 once it resembles the reference image.


  • Draw his other arms and start outlining his legs.
  • Your Loki design will be ready for the final addition of details in the next step if the body and limbs are finished in this step.
  • The left arm will be a little higher as it is holding the staff that we will draw in the next move.
  • If not, the design of this sleeve will be nearly identical to the one you just sketched for the other arm.
  • His boots will be similarly detailed to the rest of his clothing, but the tops of his trousers will have a few smoother lines. You are ready to move on to the final few elements in the following step!


  • Complete your Loki drawing.
  • Since Loki hardly ever appears without his legendary staff, we shall draw it in this section of our drawing tutorial on how to draw Loki.
  • We will use some wavier lines to outline the staff because it has a slight curvature.
  • Like the various parts of his outfit, the staff will include many little, intricate features. The tip will also be large, curved, and pointed.
  • You’re welcome to add some of your ideas after designing this stuff! A background illustration is one choice, and it’s a great way to display your favorite Loki scenario.