Founded in 2011, Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that offers functionality for the entire sales organization. From Contactability tools to Analytics, Custom integrations to Productboard, and Calendaring, Salesloft’s tools are designed to provide the most powerful solution for your sales team.

Contactability tools

Using a contact center to manage all of your customer interactions, from customer service to account management, has never been easier. With the advent of new software solutions that combine the latest technologies in a single cloud-based data center, your sales team can more efficiently deploy information across your entire sales tech stack. The best part is that fewer people are needed to make sure that your customers stay happy. And you get to spend more time actually selling your products.

One of the best ways to keep your customers happy is by providing them with a seamless experience. The best way to do this is by using a platform that can provide your team with the best of both worlds: automation and a high level of customization. While the best contact center software isn’t cheap, you’ll get your money’s worth in the form of higher ticket sales. The best contact center software is also one of the most flexible, allowing you to configure the best solution for your needs.


Whether you are looking for a deeper understanding of your sales process or want to identify your top performers, Salesloft Analytics can help. It is backed by a powerful analytics engine and offers a consolidated view of your team’s activities. Using Analytics, you can answer questions about the sales process, analyze your team’s performance and get a real-time snapshot of your team’s revenue.

Salesloft Analytics shows you the metrics that matter most to you. You can filter data by wide range of dates and groups of users. For example, you can filter data by the total number of meetings you have booked or the number of emails you have sent. This can help you get the information you need, without having to manually sort through large amounts of data.

The Salesloft Analytics page is divided into three panels. Each panel displays nine to twelve pieces of information. The first panel displays the metrics used by Salesloft to create its reports. The second panel is where you can see a chart showing how your sales team has been performing.

The Analytics Overview page is where you can customize the page to suit your needs. It has an Add/Remove Panels button which opens a drop-down menu where you can select the panels you want to see. You can also customize the layout by clicking the Customize Your Layout button.

The Analytics Overview page also includes a small graphical chart showing the most common metrics. This is an easy way to check on your sales team’s progress.

The Analytics page also includes other metrics, such as the number of people on your account. These numbers are important in determining the amount of leads you create and the demos you set for your Account Executives.


Using Salesloft’s in-app calendaring tool provides the ability to set up calendar settings and customize meeting defaults. Salesloft also allows users to schedule meetings on demand using the Book Meetings on Demand feature. This allows Salesloft users to schedule meetings with other salespeople in real time using the Calendar module.

Salesloft’s meetings feature reduces the friction involved in scheduling meetings. Users can schedule meetings using email, book meetings on demand, or send meeting links. This is particularly useful for teams where a rep books a meeting on behalf of a peer.

Calendaring with Salesloft is a feature that will benefit both customers and salespeople. Salesloft will sync updates between your calendar and Salesforce. This will help your prospects see your availability and book a meeting. Customers will also benefit from unified billing.

Once a person books a meeting, the meeting will appear in the Person Profile page in Salesloft. It will also appear as an event in the crm tool monday. If the meeting is booked, it will automatically trigger a follow-up cadence.

Users can also add attendees using the Add Attendees feature. To do this, users must have access to the other person’s calendar. They will be prompted to select the calendar they would like to access. They will then be able to add attendees from the suggested list or manually. If a person doesn’t need to be added, they can be excluded from the Round Robin distribution.

After a meeting is booked, the person will receive an email confirmation with details of the meeting. The person will then be able to select the time slot.

Custom integrations with Productboard

Among other things, Salesloft has built a series of custom integrations with various partners, and they are all pretty cool. However, the best ones combine insights and activities, which allow for seamless workflows and an integrated experience for Salesloft customers. And, of course, the biggest benefit is the savings in time and effort compared to building new integrations from scratch.

While the sales engagement platform does its job in generating revenue and improving B2B seller’s productivity, it also allows for seamless and intuitive workflows. One example of this is the CRM Sync, which automatically records activities and insights to Salesforce. Another is the Productboard, which provides real-time feedback and guides designers to relevant features.

The Salesloft team also built a custom integration with Jira, allowing for maximum collaboration and visibility. The two-way integration enables users to collaborate in real-time and optimizes the flow of feedback. The Productboard also comes with a well-designed sync log, which allows users to easily review past feedback and prioritize new comments in a timely fashion.

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The best product management solutions also have the most robust and comprehensive set of features. This is especially important as the company continues to expand and launch new products in the future. It is also the best way to keep track of customer feedback and make data-driven product decisions. One of the best features of Productboard is its ability to help product teams reduce their preparation time for backlog reviews. And, it is not just for product managers; sales, engineering, and support teams can also use it to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


Using a platform for your sales team can help you organize your cadences, make sales calls more effective, and increase your connections. However, you need to choose the right program for your needs. Whether it’s a CRM or a sales engagement platform, you need to choose one that is best for your company.

SalesLoft is an online sales engagement platform. It integrates your phone and email into one system. It provides analytics and reporting that is based on your team’s information and sales process. You can use this data to determine the best times to make calls and send emails. It also gives you real-time actionable insights to help you improve your sales.

It’s a great tool for generating qualified leads from your website and social media. It also has an integrated dialer and messenger solution. It allows you to customize messages and groups of emails. Its features are easy to use. It also connects directly with your email server.

It’s more expensive than other software programs, but it offers robust reporting. It also has more robust features, such as opportunity management, pipeline development, and post-sales customer experience. It also includes task management capabilities and the ability to categorize activities by importance level. You can also track your engagement activity and report your sales performance.

You can also integrate it with other CRM systems. This will help you to reduce switching between products and save time.

You should also be aware of the total cost of ownership. It includes hardware, software, maintenance, upgrades, and training. You might also need to pay an onboarding fee. The cost depends on how many users you have and what plans you choose.