How to install and replace led blub in your car cabin light

We need a car all the time, whether it is evening, night, or daytime. Normally, during the day or evening, we do not need as much light as we need during the night. In a way, if we understand, accessories like lights are an important part of us and our vehicle. Which we require for both the interior and exterior. Today in this article we will talk about the accessories related to the interior part of the car, which we use as LED light?

According to the usage, the efficiency of LED lights is very high, which means they are able to give more light by using less energy. Similarly, it has a much longer life than a normal bulb. And the prices are also quite affordable, so it is very easy to use.

Steps to Install and Replace LED Lights in the Car Cabin

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to install or replace LED lights in a car cabin.

Important tools – 

Some necessary tools are required to install LED lights in the interior parts. Make sure the place where this light is to be installed is clear. Where to put the LED light? And what kind to install? Keeping this in mind, the equipment connected to it has to be used. If you are just looking to install the bulb, then not much equipment is required. To install the Hummer LED light here, For which we will need some necessary equipment like waterproof tape, electrical wire, and electrical kit, etc.


Fuse Box- 

Fuse boxes are useful for every car in need. Basically, the fuse box is near the country board. This is how we will locate the fuse box. The fuse box located there or its location depends on the construction of the car made by the car company.


Fix position set for light

Here the place where the light has to be installed has to be tested thoroughly. It is important to see whether the light is coming right due to the place where the light is being placed.


How to activate light-

When we connect LED light with Fusebox, then two options are available, one of which gives the option to turn on the light and the other gives the option to start the vehicle. For this, we have to choose the first option. which will complete the process related to the fuse and LED light.


Separate the fuse wire-

 Here all the wires related to the fuse wire will be separated. To find out the fuse test of any car, one has to find the hot wire related to that fuse wire. For which we will separate the back end of the wire connected to the connector. Which shows the safety of the wire.



For this, we have to choose the point where earthing can be done or we have to choose the firewall as well. The wire will have to be tightly tightened with the bolts given here so that it cannot be loose.


Provide inline fuse – 

For the safety of the vehicle, it is a better option to connect it with an inline fuse, For the inline fuse, it has to be properly connected to the fusebox which is essential for this process.


After this, connect the LEDs

 After connecting all the wiring properly and testing it, LED lights will have to be added to it. Lastly, the wires connected to the fusebox will need to be attached to the LED light. To add strips of extra LED light, connect them with the dashboard wire.


Proper Checking of Lights-

After everything is set, we have to check whether the LED light we have fixed is working well or not. By which we will know whether our wiring is correct or not so that there will be no problems on the journey.

In today’s era, LED lights are being used in many vehicles in both their interior and exterior parts, which provide more benefits for less cost. At the same time, their prevalence has also increased a lot. These are also the most important parts of a car accessories store. This article explains how to carefully install LED lights in the car cabin. so that everyone can benefit in a situation like an emergency.

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