Raees Movies Download

Raees is a very popular of movie of Shahrukh Khan which many people want to watch, today in this blog we are going to tell you about this movie and how and where you can get Raees full movie download.So, keep on reading the blog for the details you need.  

Storyline of Raees movie 

Raees movie is set in the time of mid 1960s and the end of the story is set in the 1980s, where in the movie character of Raees is played by Shahrukh Khan who gets involved in the illegal liquor trade at a very adolescent age. 

It is said that this movie is based on the life of criminal Abdul Latif but this fact is denied by the film makers. The film depicts the relationships of Raees and how he creates his empire from the scratch so that he becomes only powerful man in the state. 

Raees deals with every opponents and rivals whoever comes in his way, however, when he crosses the path of no-nonsense police officer Majumadar whose motive is to eliminate crime and beginning from there, downfall of Raees begins. 

Raees is a Hindi action movie, which is written by Rahul Dholakia, Harit Mehta, Ashish Vashi and Niraj Shukla. 

Watching Raees movie – Know where to download it? 

If you want to watch Raees movie or if you want to go for Raees movie download then you can access the movie on OTT platform Netflix, which is a paid OTT platform. 

And since, this is a paid platform you have to pay money to get the subscription of this OTT platform but if you are not willing to spend your money in getting the subscription for Netflix do not worry, you can still watch this movie. 

There are various torrent websites available on internet using which you can watch as well as download Raees movie. Here are the names of the websites which you can use to watch Raees movie for free of cost. 

Sites which you can use to get movies for free – 

Pagal movies

World free 4u

Tamil rockers 

Go movies 

Download hub

Tamil yogi 

Telugu rockers 

Telugu wap 

Filmy zilla 

Filmy wap 

Filmy god


The pirate bay 

But while you are using these websites you must be extra careful as these are not legal options to download movies and if you are caught using these websites then you might be punished by the government. 

If you want to watch the movies using Raees then you must first access the website you want and then look for the movie using the search bar. 

And once you have found the movie you can press on the download option and then once the movie has been downloaded you will get to watch if offline on your mobile device without paying even a single penny. 

Not only Raees, you can get any movie which you want on these websites which we have provided for you in this blog for you so that you can watch the movie you want.  

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