Are you troubled by a blinking orange LED on your Linksys range extender? This is the correct post you landed on that will help you get the issue fixed with your Linksys device. Linksys wireless range extenders amplify the existing router network and help it reach every square inch area of your home. There are no WiFi dead zones or weak internet issues after you get Linksys WiFi extender setup done at home.

Linksys wireless range extenders have an orange LED on them. The sole purpose of this LED is to indicate that the device is powered on. However, Linksys users are observed reporting a blinking orange light on their device. This article is all about the blinking orange light on a Linksys range extender. Keep reading to know more about orange LED and ways to fix blinking orange light.

Why Do I Have Blinking Orange Light?

Though, a blinking orange light is not a regular thing, but it may appear occasionally on your device. This can be due to several reasons. Some common reasons that lead to blinking orange light are:

  1. Obsolete Firmware :

If you see a blinking orange light on your device, this might be an indication of firmware malfunctioning. Firmware is software embedded in the hardware of Linksys extender that helps it perform basic functionality. It is recommended that the firmware is always updated to the latest version for the device to perform at its best. However, at times users do not upgrade it or due to some reason, the firmware gets corrupted. This leads to system malfunctioning. To indicate a problem with the Linksys range extender, the orange LED begins blinking.

  1. Linksys Extender Unable to Access Internet

Linksys range extender receives an internet signal from the router and expands it to reach different places in the house. But if the extender has not been able to receive signal from the router, it won’t do what it is intended to do.

  1. Power Related Trouble

There could be some power-related issue that is causing trouble with the Linksys extender thereby leading to a blinking orange light.

These are some possible and most reported issues fostering a blinking orange light. Let us shift to troubleshooting this issue now.

Linksys Range Extender Blinking Orange LED: Fixed

Enlisted below are some quick fixes that will help you do away with what is wrong with your Linksys range extender:

  1. Fix Internet Connection

For a WiFi range extender to receive the signal from the router, it should be within its range. Thus, begin troubleshooting the blinking orange light by bringing the extender and router closer to each other. However, make sure that the devices are not very close such that their signals clash. Choose an appropriate distance between them.

  1. Rectify Power Related Issues

Check if the Linksys range extender is receiving fluctuating or poor power supply. Look for any damages on the power socket and the power adapter connected to the device. Additionally, look for any power outages in your area. Make the necessary changes and check if the issue gets fixed.

  1. Power Cycle Linksys Extender

The blinking orange light can be due to some minor technical flaws. The power cycle works wonders for such minor technical glitches. Power off your device and power it up after letting it rest for a while.

  1. Update Firmware

If the blinking orange light does not get fixed by the above hacks then, the possibility is that the firmware is outdated or corrupted. Get the firmware updated on your device now. To do this, follow the underlying instructions:

  • Get the Linksys range extender and the router connected using an Ethernet cable.
  • Power up the extender by plugging it into an active power source.
  • Grab a PC quickly and download the latest version of firmware for your Linksys extender model.
  • In the same PC, enter the default IP address in the URL bar of a web browser and press Enter key.
  • Once you navigate to the Linksys extender login window, enter the login credentials and click on the Log in button.
  • As soon as you reach the Linksys extender dashboard, get to the settings.
  • Click on Firmware Update under the Administration option.
  • Select Choose File and navigate to the earlier downloaded firmware file on your computer.
  • Finally, click on Start Upgrade.

The firmware update will begin and the latest firmware version will be installed on your Linksys WiFi range extender. FYI, while getting logged in to your device, if the default IP address does not work, then you can also use the login web address, i.e.

The Final Note

We are pretty sure that by following the above-given troubleshooting hacks, the blinking orange LED on your Linksys extender must have turned to solid orange LED.