Offshore Merchant Account

The requirement for an offshore merchant account has expanded immediately in current years. As most online businesses prefer to expand their payment processing service. And it is crucial to comprehend what drives an offshore merchant account as the right choice for your global business.

Preferring offshore merchant accounts, a payment processing method, you can take credit card transactions from global customers for selling them your products or services. They are not like offshore bank accounts, and they do not require you to migrate your organization outside of the US. Similarly, offshore merchant accounts are not like offshore credit cards. However, they are only utilized as a storage method when banks consider your organization too risky to deliver specific loans, financing, and extra benefits. So, let us understand the concept of offshore merchant accounts and their advantages deeply.

What is an Offshore Merchant Account?

It is a sort of bank account for online merchants operating their online businesses in other countries and executing high-risk payments. It enables further payment processing solutions and permits merchants to receive payments on online websites.

An offshore merchant account allows a business to take and process transactions with the help of credit card networks such as Visa, Discover, and MasterCard. Businesses in certain sectors are considered high-risk merchant accounts and so must fulfill determined measures to apply for merchant accounts. Besides due to the core of their business or because the industry in which they function has a previous record of excessive chargeback volume.

Offshore merchant accounts frequently assess more irregular restrictions on where your users or transactions initiate. That implies you can conduct legal business in multiple countries. And also access more customers, and boost your business’s revenue.

Moreover, any business that offers card, not present transactions comes under the high-risk category because it is at a broadly higher risk of fraud. If your online business is considered high-risk. Then this does not essentially prevent you from getting a casino merchant account.

Some of the primary benefits of getting an offshore Merchant Account

You may consider that being a “high-risk business” established offshore would put you at a weakness, but this is not right. There are multiple benefits to acquiring offshore merchant accounts. Some of the primary benefits of getting such an account to comprise these:

More increased chance of obtaining an offshore merchant account

If you are applying for an international merchant account, you will get a more increased chance and benefit of being approved as a high-risk business. These organizations are habitual to functioning with merchants from high-risk industries and have accommodated their services and products consequently. So, while there is no guarantee, the chances are increased.

Offshore banks deliver convenience

Not all organizations that prefer offshore payment processing solutions are high risk. But most high-risk businesses accomplish so for a valid reason, offshore banks are extremely more flexible than local banks. And they will serve industries comprising adult products, online gambling, gaming solutions, dating services, and much more. The drawback is that offshore merchant accounts are basically more costly as compared to local accounts (dependent on the bank with which a merchant is associated).

Problem-Free Transactions and Payment processing solutions

Dissimilarly exploring methods of applying for a payment gateway at home, preferring an offshore merchant account is effortless. You may also predict results fast and get a real payment processing account very fast. The application form is easily available on the payment service provider’s websites. And which can preserve a lot of time and effort. Banking rules and policies are also slightly strict in offshore banks, which is why high-risk businesses opt for an offshore merchant account.

Profits in high-volume Taxes And Privacy

By applying for an offshore merchant account, you often restrict your tax responsibilities to the offshore region. Yet, we must exert warning because mistakes could wipe off this advantage. An amazing example is the establishment of your networks, assure they are in offshore countries. So, conduct proper research or look for expert advice on your specific case. So you don’t break any rules when you deliver yourself compensation. As it is apparent that the tax regulations of your born nation would specify.

Delivers Diversity

Another main reason businesses transfer payments overseas is the diversity of the acquiring banks. Offshore merchant account diversity decreases payment risk when protecting corporate functions. As an example, different parts of the world have artistic or political standards. However, they are more indulgent in certain products or services than others.

They are willing to serve High-Risk businesses

Acquirers function legally and have compliance, legal, and because of persistence systems prefer high-risk offshore payment gateways. They regardless appear more tolerant in high-risk sectors. Acquiring banks and financial organizations will serve your business only because you function in a high-risk industry. Rather they will access every situation specifically.

Deliver High–Risk Payment Processing services for smooth and fast transaction processing

Businesses may get classified as “high-risk” for different reasons, comprising the duration of time they have been in the business, their credit, whether they are in a “high-risk” industry, and the chargeback volume. In some cases, if it is final that your business needs a high-risk payment platform. Then they will process your payments effortlessly and without any payment-related issues. Yet, your business will also need an extra analysis to acquire merchant solutions.

Susceptible towards businesses concerning high risk

For high-risk businesses with high credit reliance and risky payments, offshore merchant accounts can be an amazing option. Preferring an offshore merchant account may be the right choice if your products or services include high-risk services.


At last but not least, offshore merchant accounts may be an amazing option for businesses who want to extend but cannot get a bank account in their native country. Yet, they arrive with their own criteria of hindrances and weaknesses. Hence, if you are regarding getting an offshore merchant account in Europe. So, you must entirely look for your options before finalizing anything. Getting an offshore merchant account will be convenient and effortlessly available.

So, when finishing this article, we are glad that now you completely understand what is an offshore merchant account, what benefits you will get, and much more. And now if you are looking for offshore payment processing solutions, you can opt for WebPays. WebPays is one of the leading payment service providers that provides high-risk businesses with offshore payment solutions with numerous benefits. However, for further details, you can contact us now or send your query via mail. Our payment expert team will revert back in a short span of time with the best suitable payment gateway solution as per your business requirements.