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Task management is possible using project management software. It can be used to divide enormous projects into smaller tasks. They may also assist you in collaborating with your team. Nifty and Thing are two systems that offer a comprehensive set of task management features. This post will compare their essential features as well as price information. It will also include information regarding the Nifty software vs. Things software demo. 

Nifty Project Management Software 

Tasks, projects, and communications can all be managed using Nifty Project Management. It assists teams in centralizing, streamlining, and modernizing work-related activities. In addition to reducing the need to move between tasks, chats, calendars, documents, and meeting tools. The program can be used to synchronize work among clients and teams in a single click. Large groups can use the specific to plan goals and work appropriately. Use Swimlane, Kanban, and list views to collaborate on routine tasks. They can also create a knowledge center by soliciting input and completing requirements. 

Nifty Software Features 

Project and Task Management 

Nifty allows users to personalize the home page for each project. They can turn certain modules on and off to search for specific insights. They can also customize their home screen to meet their position and needs. And rapidly access all project-related work from one location. The Milestones feature is a Gantt chart present progress status in various perspectives, such as a timeline, a Swimlane, or a master overview. Its Tasks feature clarifies the little tasks required to reach a project’s larger goals. 

Team Collaboration 

Collaboration capabilities like Discussions, Docs & Files, and Team Chat are embedded into the software. Discussion is a real-time environment. Where users can brainstorm, exchange ideas, solicit comments, and interact. Messages can be transformed into tasks from here. In addition, for any other conversations, they can directly send messages to teams outside of projects. Docs & Files is yet another single location for collecting and combining all project-related files and papers. 

Overview, Portfolios, & Time Tracking 

Nifty provides an overview of all projects and team responsibilities. The Project Overview gives you a birds-eye view of all the projects in your business or portfolio. The Team Overview displays the complete team’s tasks, activities, and time records for workload reporting. Portfolios enable users to organize their projects and automate project invitations. A time tracking program automatically gathers time reports on projects and billable hours. 

Nifty Pricing 

Nifty project management software offers five different pricing options for its users.  

  • Free: The plan is best to get you started, free forever with unlimited members. 
  • Starter: Includes all core features, available at $49 per month. 
  • Pro: Great for growing teams, available at $99 per month. 
  • Business: Best for advanced teams, available at $149 per month. 
  • Unlimited: A fully scaled solution, available at $499 per month. 

New users can also get a 14-days free trial of the product to get familiarized with its capabilities.  

You can also book a free Nifty demo by contacting the sales team. They can guide you through your current workflow process and see if Nifty is the right solution for you. 

Nifty Reviews 

Nifty project management software has a 4.5/5-star rating with 141 reviews on SoftwareAdvice. Most of the users defined their experience using the software as quite satisfying. Users are happy that it is a well-designed product that is easy to use and is well thought out. Users also liked time tracking, workload control, and calendar integration. Along with subtasks and integration with Google Docs.  

Things Task Management Software  

Things is a task management app for iOS, Mac, and Apple watch. It allows users to manage projects, plan events, and create reminders on a single platform. It enables administrators to use Apple’s calendar application. To synchronize data automatically relating to events or checklists. 

Mind mapping, collaboration, progress monitoring, analytics, a drag-and-drop interface, and other features are available in Things task management software. Users may filter and categorize jobs by the due date and manage daily routines and long-term goals using the platform. Furthermore, stakeholders may use the tool to organize to-do lists into daily or impending activities and give deadlines. 

Things Software Features 

All New Design   

The new Things software has a fresh new look. Not only does the application appear amazing, but it also operates and feels excellent. This is due to the engaging interactions and flowing animations. Furthermore, it enables you to arrange your information neatly. Furthermore, the app’s functionality makes even the principles more obvious. 


You can use this tool to create divisions, checkpoints, or anything you need by giving each one a name and placing your to-dos underneath. Furthermore, the program gives a wonderful, basic foundation for your list. Things make planning easier and clearer for you. 

Calendar Management   

You can use the app to create and plan your calendar ahead of time. This entails arranging each and every job to fulfill deadlines efficiently. Furthermore, the program enables you to monitor your time and work appropriately to complete all of your duties on time.  

Things Pricing 

The software’s price is not listed on its official website. The company’s pricing practices are not very open. But you can still obtain a pricing estimate by contacting third-party vendors. For a thorough and customized pricing approach. It allows you to determine whether the pricing is appropriate to your budget in the first place. 

The company’s official website makes no mention of a free Things demo. However, interested clients can take advantage of a 15-day free trial of the program. As a result, you may test the complete software before purchasing it. 

Things Reviews 

Things task management software has a 4.86/ 5-star rating with 127 reviews on SoftwareAdvice. The app has an outstanding customer satisfaction rating, with the majority of reviews favorable. There are various software review websites with favorable consumer feedback. 

Nifty Project Management Vs Things Task Management — Final Remarks 

It all boils down to personal preference, usability, and interface when it comes to selecting a final selection. Nifty is an online project management and collaboration tool. It helps companies simplify task activities, improve team communication, and streamline workflows. Things is a Task management software with several orientations. It offers organized content, checklists, calendar connection, and more.  

You can also view Nifty and Things demonstrations and check out the user reviews before making your final decision.