Not being able to access the Netgear WiFi range extender login page as the login password is not working can be infuriating. This is a commonly reported issue by Netgear users. From using a wrong login password to following a faulty login process, anything can be the culprit in this case. There can be various other reasons for this issue. If you are unable to access the Netgear range extender’s network, i.e. Netgear_ext, but cannot access the admin dashboard to tweak the settings, then check the troubleshooting guide given below to resolve the issue.

Fixing Netgear Range Extender Password Not Working

Here are a few things that you need to verify and a few questions that you need to ask yourself that will help you know the reason why the login password is not working. Also mentioned here are some tips using which you will get rid of the issue:

  1. Login Details

Ask yourself if you are using the correct Netgear wireless extender login detail to access the login page. It is normal that users commit typing mistakes while entering the login password and they complain that they cannot access the login page. At times, the Caps Lock key causes the issue. If it is enabled, then by default you make mistakes while entering the login credential. Next time you are trying to log in to your Netgear WiFi range extender, make sure that the Caps Lock key is not enabled. Also, make sure that you enter the credential carefully without making any typing mistakes.

  1. Changed Login Password

After you are done with setting up the Netgear wireless range extender, you have the option to change the login password. It is recommended that the password should be changed to avoid potential threats.

Try to remember if you made changes to the password. The possibility is that you are still trying to access the Netgear extender login page using the default password. If the password is changed, then using the changed password will help you get rid of the issue.

  1. Web Browser

It so happens at times that the web browser is the possible culprit and you keep troubleshooting the issue with the Netgear range extender. Now you will ask how the web browser can be a culprit in this case. We are coming to that. If you are using an older version of the web browser, then there are chances that you will get trouble accessing the login page. Another possibility is that the accumulated cache is preventing you to access the extender login page. Get the cache, cookies and browsing history cleared from the browser and also update it to the latest version.

4. Forgotten Password

By any chance, did you forget the Netgear range extender login password? Probably this is why you are using the wrong password and can’t access the Netgear extender login page. If you have enabled the Password Recovery feature, then get the password retrieved using it.

However, if this feature is not enabled then the only hope for you is the Reset process. You need to reset your Netgear wireless range extender now. By resetting, all the customized settings get deleted. That means if you have modified the extender login password, then after you reset your device, it will also be deleted and restored. To reset your device, do this:

  • Locate the Reset button on your Netgear wireless range extender.

  • Press it.

The reset is done. Now, reconfigure your Netgear WiFi range extender by accessing the Netgear Genie setup wizard using, and the default admin login username and password. Your issue gets fixed here. We recommend you change the password for sure, as the default admin password is same for all the Netgear range extenders. Thus it is easy for the WiFi hackers to get access to your device. So make sure you change it and also make sure that you use a strong password that is not so easy to guess.


This is all about what can be done if the Netgear range extender login password is not working. Once you are done with setting up the Netgear range extender and changing the password, get to the settings page and make sure that you enable the Password Recovery feature that will help you in case you forget the Netgear extender login password in the future.