Bigpond email not working

BigPond email is a very famous email service that has been helping a lot of people for a very login time. However, the email service can be a little difficult to use as there can be many issues with email service. The users of the email client have faced numerous issues when they use BigPond email that can be very inconvenient for them and that is the main reason why people look for different solutions that will help them in resolving all the issues that they are facing with the email service. 

In the tutorial, we are going to tell you the main reasons why Bigpond emails not working and the most genuine and simple solutions that can be used by users when they want to fix all the issues that they are facing. We hope that you enjoy all the information that we are sharing in the guide and you can use those solutions to resolve all your problems. 

What are the main reasons for Bigpond email not working?

Before we tell you about the methods that can be used when Bigpond email not working, it is also important to know the reasons why these issues are happening and whether there is something that you can do to prevent these issues in the future. Here are the main causes why you face issues with Bigpond email while working on the same. 

  1. Issues with the servers of Bigpond Telstra Email. 
  2. Login problems like incorrect login credentials
  3. Network issues that are hampering the functioning of the email service
  4. Too much storage that is making the inbox useless
  5. Your email service has been affected by some virus or malware
  6. Incorrect settings of your email account like the wrong configuration 

These are the most common reasons why people can face Bigpond email issues and in the next part of the guide, you are going to learn about the troubleshooting methods that will help you in resolving all your issues while using a Bigpond email account. 

Trouble-Free Methods to fix Bigpond Telstra Not Working on your Computer

If you are looking for the best methods that you can use then, you do not need to panic as here we are describing some very useful methods that will resolve all your issues.

Technique 1: Cross Out all Browser Issues

If you are using Telstra Bigpond webmail on a web browser then, before using any other method, you need to cross out all the browser issues so that you know that the browser is not the reason behind these problems. It is important for the users to know that they should use the email service on web browsers that support the email service like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and along with that, you also need to note down that you should be using the current version of the browser with the email service for it to work without issues. 

Technique 2: The Login Credentials should be correct

Bigpond email login problems can only be caused when the user is typing the incorrect password or username for their account. You may feel that you are typing the correct details however, you should type the password slowly and make sure that there are typos that are causing issues with your login procedure. 

However, if you have forgotten the login details like the password and the username then, you need to make use of the official website of Telstra to reset the same to access your account. 

Technique 3: Incorrect Settings of your BigPond Email account

The email settings of the Telstra Bigpond email are very important for the working of the email account and that is why you need to ensure that the IMAP and the SMTP settings of your email account are correct and the configuration of your email account has been completed successfully. 

If these settings are wrong even a little then, you will not be able to use the email account on your device. 

These are the main solutions that we have explained greatly here so that you can refer to these methods and ensure that your Bigpond email is working effortlessly. You can also use the informative website EmailsDesk to know more solutions that will help you resolve your issues.

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