Netgear WiFi extenders are ruling the digital realm for their jaw-dropping features. But, there are times when they deny working well. The Netgear extender keeps turning off issue is one such case. If your WiFi extender is also causing the same problem, then it is time that you pay attention to it. Otherwise, you’ll lose your extender forever. Given in this write-up are the workarounds that when implemented can help you get rid of the problem. So, stick to reading.

Fixed: Netgear Extender Keeps Turning Off

It is suggested that you give a fresh start to your Netgear range extender before jumping to any troubleshooting technique. By the term fresh start, we mean to reboot your extender. Earlier, the rebooting technique has helped many users to fix not working issue. Who knows if this simple tactic works in this case too? If rebooting fails to keep your extender turned on, then know that the time to follow troubleshooting techniques is not far.

  1. Ensure a Stable Power Supply

The stability of the power supply is the most important factor for the proper functioning of the Netgear extender. It means the higher the power fluctuation, the higher the chances of your extender staying off. Thus, have a look at the power socket that has been given the job of supplying electricity. Is it working fine? Yes? Perfect then! Else, you’ve to get it repaired or use another one to get your Netgear extender switched on. Apart from this, ensure that your area is not a victim of power outages. If it is, consider pulling in a UPS to power up your Netgear device.

  1. Have a Look at the Ethernet Connection

70 out of 100 Netgear extender-related problems are the results of a loose Ethernet connection. Chances are that your extender is throwing tantrums because you haven’t established a stable Ethernet connection between your devices. How can you expect your extender to work well if the direct connection source linking it to the router is not connected properly?

Therefore, make sure that the Ethernet cable is connected properly. In addition, do not forget to examine its physical status. You can’t connect your devices using a damaged Ethernet cable. Or else, nothing will change.

  1. Check for Firmware Update

No matter whether you use your Netgear extender daily or once a month, it will receive a firmware update regularly. This firmware needs to be installed as early as it is rolled out. This is to inform you that maximum extender functions are carried out because the firmware instructs them. When the extender starts functioning on an obsolete firmware version, it delivers nothing but issues. The one you are facing might be an outcome of the same reason.

Thus, access on an upgraded web browser, do Netgear login with the help of default values and check for firmware updates under the Administration section. If your extender has a pending upgrade, you have to install it to fix the issue at hand.

  1. Reduce Signal Interference

Have you just renovated your house and re-arranged everything? Well, it seems that your extender has been placed in a bottlenecked location. Is it true? If it is, then bring it outside and place it in a well-ventilated room. Above all, consider all the signal interference-creating factors before deciding the final location of your Netgear extender.

Your extender must not be given a seat near devices emitting radio-wave frequencies, lustrous surfaces, and metallic barriers. All of these things either block the signals or bounce them to create noise. Besides, avoid placing the extender near the concrete walls of your house.

  1. Bring the Router Close to Extender

Are your extender and router struggling to talk to each other? If yes, then you’ve found another god-forsaken reason that is causing your extender to turn off now and then. This is to inform you that your devices can’t propagate their signals properly if they are placed too far.

Thus, bring your router a little close to the range extender so that proper signal transmission can occur. But, you cannot place them adjacent to each other. A few meters distances is a must. Or, soon you’ll witness another extender-related issue due to a clash of WiFi signals.

The Conclusion

These were the workarounds that can help you fix the Netgear extender that keeps turning off the problem. If the issue is still giving you nausea, then perform a default factory reset by pressing the button labeled Reset on the extender. After that, access the login portal to reconfigure your extender.