Having a Linksys smart WiFi router installed in the house is all about accessing a super-fast internet connection throughout the house. But, the real pain is when the router struggles to stay connected to the internet. In that case, accessing the myrouter.local login web URL seems impossible. But, no worries! This post is all about fixing the internet connectivity issue with the Linksys WiFi router. Go through each solution carefully. However, we want to let you know that you may need to implement more than one troubleshooting technique. So, be patient and read on!

Fixed: Linksys Router Won’t Stay Connected

  1. Swap the Ethernet Cable

Your Linksys smart WiFi router might be facing problems staying connected to the internet because you’ve employed a faulty Ethernet cable for connections. Check if what we’ve assumed is true or not. If it turns out to be true, then the time has come to bid a farewell to the Ethernet wire currently in use and bring home the new one. Just make sure that the new one which has been selected to do the direct connection job is not torn out. Else, you’ll keep facing internet issues. Besides, aim for a finger-tight connection.

  1. Reduce the Modem-Router Distance

Another factor impacting the internet connection status of your Linksys smart WiFi router is its distance from the modem. The distance between your devices needs to be not more than 3 feet. However, it either shouldn’t be less than that. This is because too much distance results in no communication whereas too less distance doesn’t allow WiFi devices to propagate signals properly. They’ll get involved in a conflict. Therefore, check if the distance between your devices is proper or not. If not, then do the required changes.

  1. Restart Your Linksys

Do you remember the timeless IT hack – If it doesn’t work, try powering it down and up again. Well, we’re talking about rebooting. The time has come that you implement the same technique with your router. It is also considered as one of the most versatile Linksys router troubleshooting  techniques due to the reason that it helps the device get rid of technical glitches. Know that these glitches if sheltered can brick your Linksys router forever. Thus, do away with them by rebooting your router. It won’t take much time. Just power down your Linksys and power it up again.

  1. Change the Device’s Location

The poor location of Linksys smart WiFi router is another factor leading you to the issue you are currently struggling with. FYI, the location of your Linksys wireless router is considered to put a bad impact if it is packed with WiFi-interference-creating objects and devices. WiFi interference is nothing but obstacles that deviate or obstruct the path of your router’s wireless signals. Some of the examples of WiFi interferences are mirrors, glasses, fish tanks, geysers, ROs, refrigerators, televisions, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc. Thus, make sure that your Linksys router is secluded from them. Additionally, it should not be given a corner to sit in. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

  1. Reset the Router

If you’ve got to this point, then there’s a possibility that you messed up while installing your router. Perhaps, you skipped an important instruction. Therefore, we suggest you do the Linksys router setup again. However, for this, you need to reset your router. The steps highlighted below will help you carry out the default factory reset process for your Linksys wireless router:

  • Ensure that an adequate power is being given to your Linksys router.

  • Now, disconnect your router and modem.

  • The next involves finding the button labeled Reset on the WiFi router.

  • Have you found the button? If yes, then push it.

  • Hold the button for a while before releasing it.

The moment you release the Reset button, you’ll find out that your Linksys router has started working on factory default settings. Therefore, your next task is to connect it to the modem once again and perform setup via the Linksys router login  window.

Final Words

The Linksys router won’t stay connected to the internet issue can be a pain as it refrains you from doing every online activity. We’re hopeful that the tips we’ve discussed in this write-up will help you get the problem fixed and you’ll regain access to the internet. However, if you are unaware of the Linksys setup instructions for WiFi router. It is suggested that you take the help of the user manual received with the router. Thanks for staying connected.