How Your Cooling Appliance can Help with Fridge Disposal

Over the years, science and technology have helped us to lead better and much easier life. Today we have many appliances at our home at our service. Of all appliances that we use, one of the most common ones is refrigerators. What was once a luxury item has become a need now. Today, we cannot even think of living without a refrigerator. However, once we are done with one refrigerator, we move on to the other one. When we move on to a new refrigerator what do you do with the old one? Generally, you throw it. Disposing of a refrigerator is easier to say than to do. If you cannot do it properly, it can lead to a severe environmental hazard. Sometimes, the weight of the refrigerator makes it almost impossible to move from one location to another. However, if you are determined to throw your fridge you can contact the fridge disposal company in London.

The companies that conduct fridge disposal in London are all professional people who know the right technique to dispose of the fridge. Since they are experts in waste management, they know to adopt the right strategy that will cause less harm to the environment. Indeed, many of you are not aware of the process of the steps that you need to accommodate for fridge disposal. So, we have come up with a blog discussing the ways that you can undertake to dispose of a fridge in the right way.

Steps to dispose of a used fridge

When you are determined to dispose of a fridge and have decided to buy a new one, you need to know the proper method to throw the old one. When below are some steps that you can accommodate to dispose of a fridge in the right manner.

Make a waste service appointment

You cannot deny the huge size of the fridges. It is due to their size that you cannot put them into a regular trash bin. Again, not every waste management and collection service offers the service of fridge disposal. So, before dumping the fridge in any crash been asked the waste collection service and make an appointment. Try to schedule a time for the pick up and pay attention to the instructions that they provide.

Wait for a bulk trash pickup service

The fridge disposal services differ from one place to another. In some areas, you will find that there are some scheduled days when they collect large appliances. On the other hand, there are some areas offering fridge disposal service only twice or quarterly in a year. To learn about the particular time, make a call to the waste management company and let them know ahead that you are throwing a fridge.

Ask the electric company about buying the fridge from you

Often, the company from which you buy the fridge is willing to take up a used one to recycle the product. The purpose of recycling can be to produce less waste for the environment. Another reason why companies prefer recycling old products is to manufacture them into new one to bring a new use. So, before you dump of reaching into the trash bin ask the company whether they are willing to take up the old inefficient fridge. Also, while buying a new fridge, check out the buyback program for the appliance.

Ask an appliance dealer to take the fridge

Another easy way to get rid of an old inefficient fridge is to ask the dealer if you would prefer to take it. If you have bought a fridge recently or you planning to buy one soon ask the people in the store about their policy on an old appliance. When the people from the store uninstall sure new fridge, they might take the old one for refurbishing recycling. For picking up the old fridge they might charge a very small fee.

Drop the fridge at a recycling centre

If you do not want to cause a lot of harm to the environment you can put the fridge for recycling. Wondering where to recycle the old fridge? And across the research online to find out a suitable recycling centre that takes part in the RAD program or responsible appliances disposal program. The reason for choosing a recycling company with a d program is to ensure that they remove the contaminants safely. Once you have found one, make a call to them and ask the whereabouts.

Sell the fridge to a scrapyard

From the scrapyards, people recover the usable metal and put them to another use. So, if you can sell the fridge in a scrapyard, the localised will collect the usable metal from your fridge and recycle them. If you are willing to sell it to a scrap yard, try connecting with the local scrap metal recycling and ask them if they are willing to take refrigerators.

Once they agree to your deal ask about the transportation process as well. There should be no discrepancies between you and scrap metal recycling regarding the collection of the metal. Also, check out if the scrap yard is participating in a RAD program.

Resell the fridge to someone else

There are several online sites where you can put pictures of Your refrigerator and see if anyone is interested in purchasing it. Some of the common platforms include Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist.  Since this is a matter of online selling make sure to take clear pictures.

Keep the fridge in a centre point with a light-coloured or monochromatic background that is totally in contrast to the colour of the fridge. This will show each and every part of the fridge clearly. Take pictures from different angles so that the buyer can understand the flawlessness of the product. Do not forget to provide each and every detail about the fridge.

Some several non-profit organizations and shelters accept appliances as long as they are in good working condition. When you are determined to let go of your old fridge, inform the organization of every detail about the fridge. If required, ask them to come to your place to take a look at the fridge at once. This will give them an idea as to whether this appliance will benefit them.

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Now that you have an idea about the proper methods of disposing of refrigerators, you will no longer face any issues. Never donate your fridge to anyone in poor condition. This can land you in trouble later. Even though it still works, do not expect other people to use it.