Gift Drawing

How to Draw A Gift. Nothing beats the thrill of receiving and opening a gift. At Christmas and our birthdays, we look forward to gifts most.

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Seeing stacks of gifts and presents makes us happy, so let’s draw that!

We’ve created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a gift, summarized in 9 quick and easy steps.

Illustrations accompany each guide to make following the steps much easier.

The fun thing about this tutorial is that you can customize your drawing to improve your artistic skills further.

How to Draw A Gift

Step 1

Let’s create a simple but beautiful gift box! To make it easier, start by drawing the top of the present.

Draw two diagonal lines that connect in the middle, just like in the picture above.

Drawing a gift relies heavily on straight lines. So feel free to use a ruler to quickly and easily draw straight lines.

Step 2

Repeat the previous step and draw another line of a similar shape just below the first one we drew earlier. This other set of connected diagonal lines forms the bottom of the gift’s lid.

In the middle, you should see two parallel lines, curved or angled.

Step 3

Now it’s time to connect the two diagonal lines on either side to complete the present lid. Connect both sides by adding a short vertical on each side.

With this step complete, we should fully form the lid structure.

Step 4

In this step, we will draw the box part of the gift.

Create the left side of the box by drawing a long, almost vertical line and connecting it to a shorter diagonal line at the bottom, as shown in the image. This forms half of the present box.

Step 5

Here we complete the box part of the gift.

Draw the second half of the box, repeating what you did in Step 4, except you’re doing this for the right side of your gift box.

Step 6

To make the gift realistic, we’ll add a short vertical line right down the middle of the lid and a longer vertical line right down the middle of the box.

These two lines should appear connected, as in the image above.

These lines form the edges of the box and make it appear three-dimensional.

Step 7

Of course, no gift would be complete if only bow at thwithIn this step, and we will work on exactly that.

Time for more excitement by adding the gift bow! Draw the gift bow by adding two sets of inverted U-shaped curves to the top of the lid, just like in the picture.

Step 8

Draw another U-shaped curve in the middle of the first two figures we drew in the previous step. This forms the third set of gift bows.

Draw A Gift

Make sure this curve is slightly larger than the first two we drew earlier.

Step 9

Complete the gift bow look by layering the lace wrap over the gift. Just draw two parallel vertical lines on either side of the gift to create this effect!

Gift Drawing

Remember to remember the gift that overlaps inside the lace!

The final step is to add color to your beautiful gift!

Feel free to use any colors to fill in the colors of the gift! We recommend using more than one color to make the gift more fun.

Your Gift Drawing is Finished!

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