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Discussing funerals, let alone making funeral plans, may be challenging for many. But most folks need to know how expensive the whole thing may be. Making preparations in advance could save you money and the hassle of making your plans.

There are affordable methods to have a memorable funeral for your lost loved one. If you are on a tight budget but still want to organise a respectable service for your departed loved one, there are options.

Here are some crucial things to consider while organising a low-cost funeral and a step-by-step tutorial.

Key considerations when choosing a funeral service

Conduct A Background Check

Given the variety of cheap funeral packages offered in Singapore, it is simple to become confused by all the choices. Please spend some time on your research, run a quick background check on every service provider you come across, and read through a few customer reviews to learn more about their business.

Please ensure the services they offer are within your price range and in line with the funeral service you have in mind.

If you have friends or relatives who have done this in the past, ask them for ideas and advice based on their experiences.

Determine the Overall Funeral Cost

Before going on to the next planning stage, it is imperative to calculate the overall cost of the funeral if your finances are low. Based on your preferences and budget, any funeral service provider in Singapore can provide you with an estimate of the whole cost of the arrangements upfront.

The total fee will include everything, including the need for paperwork, obtaining permissions, refreshments and catering, transportation, and other package extras.

You can choose the funeral home and ask for individual services that are more appropriate for your budget if you cannot pay for a whole package of funeral services. Avoid buying extraneous items you can get from less expensive suppliers, such as funeral flowers and memorial cards.

Read The Company’s Testimonials And Online Reviews

As with any goods and services, it is advisable to research and read consumer comments and reviews before deciding.

This is, so you know what to expect from a certain funeral director’s level of service based on online reviews of that funeral director.

Additionally, asking friends or relatives for ideas can be helpful if you’re pressed for time.

Trust Your Instinct And Determine If They Are Genuinely Empathetic

You’ll acquire a feel for the funeral director’s personality through your interactions with and observations of them and whether you can trust the individual.

It is beneficial to observe whether you feel at ease around them and whether your wishes are respected. Trying to upsell services or pressure you to make decisions you don’t want to make at this difficult time is the last thing you need.

Sit Down With Various Funeral Directors & See If You Are Comfortable With Them

Choosing the first person who offers themselves to you may seem like the simplest course of action, but your decision may be counterproductive if that person cannot provide what you need.

You can determine which funeral directors will work best with you by meeting a variety of them. From there, you can make your selection.

Putting money aside, you should choose a professional you can rely on to complete the task well and go above and beyond to ensure the comfort of your loved ones. Given that it would be a trying time, having someone genuinely sympathetic, professional, and caring will help.

Steps to planning a funeral in Singapore

Certifying the Cause Of Death

In Singapore, determining the reason for death is always the first step in organising a funeral. A Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD) must be submitted within 24 hours to record the death. This procedure is greatly influenced by where the death occurred, whether at home, in a hospital, or abroad.

The family can immediately acquire the CCOD from the hospital for the fatalities there. You must contact a family physician or nearby general practitioner to obtain a death certificate if your loved one passed away at home.

The process will be much more difficult if your family member passes away abroad because it will involve the appropriate foreign authorities.

Registering the Death

Regardless of citizenship, all deaths in Singapore must be registered within 24 hours of the death. This can be done at any centre for death registration or at the Registry of Births & Deaths.

Registration for hospital deaths is also possible at RESTRUCTURED HOSPITALITIES, with the exception of the Institute of Mental Health, the National Cancer Center, the National Heart Center, the National Skin Center, and the Singapore National Eye Centre.

Make sure to bring the following documents required:

  • Certificate of Cause of Death (CCOD)
  • Deceased’s IC, passport, or birth certificate
  • Informant’s IC or passport

Once registered, a death certificate will be issued, which is essential when engaging a funeral director.

Consider the method of Disposition.

The cost of cremation and burial varies depending on the cemetery plots and crematoria and your religious requirements.

The cost of cremations varies depending on the crematory chosen; there are three crematoria in Singapore: the Mandai Crematorium, which the government owns, and the Tse Toh Aum Temple and Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, which are privately owned. Of the three, Mandai Crematorium is frequently chosen by families with little resources because it is the least expensive option.

On the other hand, cemetery sites for Muslims, Jews, Parsis, Baha’is, and Ahmadiyya Jama’at are typically much less expensive than those for Christians, Chinese, and Hindus.

Make sure you’ve discussed this step with your relatives and considered the deceased’s final wishes.

Arranging the Wake or Funeral

When you hire the Cheapest funeral services provider, they will handle all the planning requirements from beginning to end, including the submission of paperwork and legal documents, the organisation of transportation, and everything else in between.

Remember to provide the deceased’s friends and family with the information once everything has been finalised so they can pay their respects.

Preparing For The Burial or Cremation

Regardless of your Disposition, the funeral director can help you reserve a time window for the body’s burial or cremation. All that is required is the Original Death Certificate, the NRIC of the deceased, and the next of kin.

Final talk

The passing of a loved one is a difficult and emotional experience, and navigating the funeral process can be overwhelming in times of need. Funeral directors play a crucial role in helping grieving families through this challenging time by providing support, guidance, and practical assistance.

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