Har Ki Dun or Har Ki Doon is an underpinning designed dangling dale situated in the Garhwal Himalayas of the Indian State, Uttarakhand. The trek towards  bounded with green Bugyals. The high-altitude flora and snow covered tops also surround the region. 

The Har ki Dun trek difficulty level remains easy to modest due to the equally difficult tracks and trek ramps. This trail is easy on the difficulty level. And also, has does not make burden on the legs which makes it just the correct exploration. Particularly when equated to other summer hikes. Moreover, the long trekking length of around. 6 days adds to the difficulty level of the Har Ki Dun trek as well.  Moreover, to this, trekking through the patronizing altitude of the trek. Starting from around 6,400 feet at Sankri to about 11,768 feet at Har ki Dun. Can also stance to be abstemiously a difficulty for the novices and learner trekkers. The length of the trek stretches to about 44 kilometres.

Best time to visit

If you are a new trekker and looking for a trek to the Himalayas for the first time, then the best trek for you might just be the Har Ki Dun Trek. The best time for Har ki Dun trek is during the period of summer season (from April to June) and later rainy season (from September to December). The winters are also the best time for this trek as you can adore snow trekking in Har ki Dun. 

We will tell you the 5 great reasons why you would love the Har Ki Dun Trek.

Har Ki Dun is the best pleasure a trekker can get. You can find the Summer and the Winter both the best time for Har Ki Dun Trek. Supplemented with a diversity of flora and fauna, it pitches a spectacular sight of snow-capped highlands, conquered by Mt.Swargarohini.


Following are the reasons to do the Har Ki Dun Trek:


Visualisation of an extensive variety of Peaks and Ranges

While proceeding to the Har Ki Dun, we get to perceive diverse mountaintops for instance Swargrohini, Black Peak and Jaundhar Glacier. This is one of the few treks where you can see such a wide array of mountaintops from the dale.

Easy Track

If you are a novice Trekker then this choice of the trek is perfect for you to start as the trail. The difficulty level of this trek remains at the easy level and although being easy stretches you an actual experience of authentic trekking for lengthier periods.  

Flora and Fauna

While proceeding from Sankri to Osla, you will experience a diversity of plants, wildlife, vegetation, etc. The Govind National Park is on the way where you can catch a sight of a lot of animals like Parakeets, Vultures, etc. As Har ki Doon trek is a fragment of Govind National Park which is well recognized for its diversity of flora and fauna so it is recommended to trek with your team and do not go far away from your camp on your own. At the nocturnal times it is advised to go out with one of your trek companions.


Osla Village:

This village is famous as a trekking spoke, it is surrounded by splendid highlands and dreamlike sights and is amusing in past and ethos which gives it a distinguishing advantage. The Osla village has an antiquity of its own. The biggest high spot of this dwelling is the temple of Duryodhan. The village dweller up to the present time treat him as a God. The best time to visit Osla Village is January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December. In the meantime, Osla comes on your way to Har ki Dun trek, it’s a virtuous choice to take a pause here for a day or at least for some period of time. Osla will aid you the much essential nourishment with its attractive sights and whole-hearted friendliness. If you are peripatetic during the rainy season, make sure that you inspect with resident authorities or tour operatives earlier before beginning your expedition.

Camping sites:

Camping is one of the most astonishing practices one probably will have in the lap of nature. Setting up camps with friends beneath the vibrant nocturnal sky helps one decrease the stress and refresh after an exhausting day. Har ki Dun proposes one of the greatest sights of the Himalayas and an alike enchanting nocturnal sky. There are a lot of attractive camping sites that make the trek an unforgettable one. The sight of the sunrise is undoubtedly one of the most stunning sunrises you’ll ever perceive. You also get to terrain your camp by the river side or in the mid of the valley and every single night you end up grasping billions of stars.