After performing Netgear Nighthawk setup in a successful manner, getting poor WiFi signals on the router is the worst nightmare, right? Slow loading of files, lost internet connection, etc. test your patience while surfing the web, playing games online, doing online shopping, watching movies, paying bills, or doing something really important online. Don’t be worried folks! It is a common issue experienced by every 3rd user worldwide. This troubleshooting guide will make you familiar with the reasons why you are getting poor WiFi range on Netgear Nighthawk router along with solutions to improve it (WiFi range) quickly. Let’s start over!

Fixed: Poor WiFi on Nighthawk Router

Check the Wired Connection

Make sure that you have properly connected your internet modem and Nighthawk router.. For this, you have to check the Ethernet cable connecting them. Ensure that the cable is connected to the correct ports of the Nighthawk router and the internet modem. Also, you find damage in the cable, replace it right away.

Relocate Your Nighthawk Router

Your WiFi connection may act disgusting if your Nighthawk router is not receiving active and live WiFi signals from your internet modem. So, to take your internet experience to the next level, we suggest you place your Nighthawk router and modem in close proximity. Also, your modem must not be hidden behind curtains, the back of any device, or inside a cupboard, wardrobe, etc.

Moreover, your Nighthawk router must be placed in a wide, open, airy, and higher area.

Still getting poor WiFi range on your Nighthawk router? Well, in that case, we suggest you contact your service provider. Maybe your ISP is the culprit behind poor WiFi range. All you have to do is to ask your service provider to improve the existing WiFi speed by upgrading your data plan.

Update Nighthawk Router’s Firmware

If none of the fixes help you resolve the “poor WiFi range on Nighthawk router” issue, then chances are that the firmware of your device (Nighthawk router) has become outdated. So, to make the most out of your WiFi range, update the firmware of your Nighthawk router right away.

Power Cycle Nighthawk Router

Your Nighthawk router’s WiFi may behave weirdly if it is prone to a technical issue. So, for fixing technical-related issues with your Nighthawk router, we suggest you restart (reboot or power cycle) it once.

Here are the guidelines to restart your Nighthawk router:

  • First and foremost, disconnect your internet modem and the Nighthawk router and turn it (router) off.

  • Wait for some time.

  • Turn on your Nighthawk router.

  • Reconnect your devices again via Ethernet source and see if you are still getting poor range.

Reconfigure Your Nighthawk Router

None of the fixes listed above brought you luck? If yes, then in that case, we suggest you reset your Netgear Nighthawk router back to factory default settings. The reason is, improper Nighthawk router setup may not allow your WiFi range to get extended in every nook and cranny of your house. So, to get the improper or partial router configuration issue get fixed, we suggest our users to reset their devices i.e. Nighthawk router back to factory default values.

Here are the instructions to reset your Nighthawk router:

  • First things first, we suggest you disconnect all the devices that are connected to your Nighthawk router, including your internet modem.

  • Then, locate and press the Nighthawk router’s reset hole and wait for some time.

And that’s it! In this way, the Nighthawk router reset process can be executed and completed in a successful manner.

Now, here comes the most important step! To improve your WiFi range, you need to reconfigure your Nighthawk router. Visit setup page to get the on-screen instructions to configure the device manually.

If you don’t want to go with the manual method to reconfigure your Nighthawk router, then go with the WPS process. For this, press the WPS button on your Nighthawk router and apply the same process on your internet modem. But, ensure that your internet modem has the WPS feature.

The Last Words

Our article on how to fix the “poor WiFi range on Nighthawk router” issue ends here. Anticipating that the above-mentioned troubleshooting tactics helped you to deal with the issue in a bigger way. Please feel free to share your reviews about this article. And, if you have any other fix that can help your fellow-readers to troubleshoot the issue, you are more than welcome to share it.

Thank you!