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Are you experiencing trouble resetting your Netgear AC1750 router? We understand the need of doing the hard reset on your device. But at times, due to certain known or unknown reasons, it is difficult to reset your Netgear router. After doing the Netgear AC1750 router setup done, every Netgear router user may feel the need to reset the Netgear router at any point in time. This guide is intended to help you get the issue fixed and do the Netgear AC1750 reset done. Let us get started.

How to Reset Netgear AC1750 Router

Resetting the router will restore the factory settings to it. All the personalized settings like username, password, security settings, SSID, etc. will be deleted. You may need to reset your Netgear router if you forget the login password, or if the router firmware gets corrupted. Apart from this, you feel the need to reset your device while troubleshooting certain issues or resolving basic connectivity issues with your Netgear router. If you are unable to reset your Netgear AC1750, then maybe you do not know how to reset it or maybe you are unable to locate the reset button on your device. We are going to provide you with information on two ways to reset your Netgear router AC1750.

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Netgear AC750 Router

Netgear AC1750 Router Hard Reset

To hard reset your Netgear router, simply locate the Reset button on it and press it. And the reset is done. This is the easiest and most convenient way to reset your Netgear device. After the reset is done, you can access its network only after you reconfigure it. So, use the Netgear router default IP address to set it up with the home network. Under any circumstances, if you are unable to use this method to reset, then opt for the next method to reset your Netgear AC1750 router.

Netgear AC1750 Router Using Web Browser

Use the instructions discussed ahead to reset your Netgear AC1750 router via the web-based interface:

  • Get hold of a PC and open any internet browser on it.

  • Type the Netgear router login web address in the address bar and hit the Enter key.

  • As soon as you land on the router login page, enter the login username and password and click on the Log In button.

  • You will be navigated to the Netgear Genie dashboard.

  • Click on the Advanced option.

  • Now, click on the Maintenance option.

  • Select the Backup Settings.

  • Under the heading Revert to Factory Settings, click Erase.

  • This will reset your Netgear AC1750 and erase the customized settings.

This is how you reset your Netgear router using the web browser. By any chance, if you are experiencing not working issue and you are unable to log into your Netgear router using the web address, then use the default IP address to access the Netgear Genie page. Once the reset is done, access the same Netgear Genie setup wizard and set up your Netgear AC1750 router to your home network and begin accessing its network.

Closing Note

We are glad that we could help you fix your Netgear AC 1750 router reset related issue. Now you can use any of the above-discussed methods to reset your device if you feel the need to do so.