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Choosing the right MacBook for you is a difficult task. Apple not only has 2021 MacBook Pros with the M1 Pro and M1 Max CPUs, but it also has two MacBooks with the Apple M2 microprocessor. A new 14-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro processor is also available in the series of MacBook in Dubai. Furthermore, MacBooks with the M1 processor remain usable computers.

A deeper look at the greatest MacBooks reveals that one model does not suit all. There are particular reasons why you should choose the M1-powered MacBook Air and admittance MacBook Pro M1 over the 14- and 16-inch systems, which offer the M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Continue reading to learn about the top MacBooks available today.

1. Apple MacBook Air M2

The MacBook Air M2 lives up to the Air moniker. We’re also not saying the old MacBook Air M1 wasn’t fantastic – it helped reveal the world to Apple’s silicon power. But packing unprecedented performance within the similar old chassis didn’t feel (or seem) like a step forward.

The latest Apple MacBook Air M2 is a sigh of relief because Apple combined an even quicker M2 CPU with a significantly smaller and lighter design. Handling and utilizing this 2.7-pound notebook recalls us of the legendary first Air that Steve Jobs took from a manilla packet 14 years ago.

You get exceptional performance, a bright display, and excellent battery longevity all bound up in a pleasantly portable design. Yes, $1,119 is a premium MacBook, but we’d easily suggest this machine above the $999 MacBook Air M1 that is still in the lineup due to its superior speed and display, as well as a crisper camera and MagSafe charging.

2. MacBook Air with M1

The MacBook Air has always been the greatest MacBook for the majority of people, but it is now better for a larger number of people than before. Apple’s choice to replace Intel CPUs with Apple Silicon, beginning with the M1 chip in the MacBook Air, is paying off handsomely. This laptop has a battery life of 14 hours and 41 minutes.

The camera in the MacBook Air has also been improved, with the M1 processor providing signal processing methods to boost clarity and color accuracy. And the Magic Keyboard remains, providing a comfortable typing experience. Because of Dolby Atmos’ audio support, some television shows and films will seem even better than before.

3. Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch)

Do you want it all? Then consider the massive 16-inch MacBook Pro, available with both M1 Pro or M1 Max CPUs for exemplary work. This model, an improvement over the prior Intel-based model, has reduced bezels to provide more area for the stunning mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR screens. Once you get beyond the notch, you’ll be blown away by the contrast and fluidity of the display, particularly with its 120Hz refresh speed.

Despite that, you can get ports that professionals require. That includes not just the MagSafe 3 charging port for safety, but also HDMI-out for linking to screens and a Micro sd reader for attaching memory cards for real-world cameras.

How To Choose The Best Macbook For You


If you know you won’t be pushing your computers to their limits, go with the MacBook Air in its entry-level edition. Its 8-core M1 CPU and 8GB of RAM will wow you with its speed. If you often use many apps, increase the RAM to 16GB. The new M2-powered MacBooks fill a gap between the basic M1 MacBooks and the M1 Pro and M1 Max notebooks.

Graphics and Gaming:

M1-based MacBooks come with either a 7-core or 8-core embedded GPU, and the 8-core version performs admirably. The M2-powered MacBook Pro features 10 GPU cores. So, if you wish to play on your Mac, you should update. Yes, you may finally play real video games on your Mac. It’s rather impressive.

Size and Weight:

The sole difference between the 13-inch MacBook Air and Pro is the Air’s wedge form and somewhat reduced weight. The 2.8-pound MacBook Air is 0.2 – 0.3 pounds heavier than the MacBook Pro (3.0 pounds for M1, 3.1 pounds for Intel). Interestingly, the 16-inch MacBook Pro — which weighs 4.3 pounds more — is better for folks who don’t care about the extra weight in their luggage or don’t move around as much.

Battery Performance:

The 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro has the greatest battery life of any MacBook. This easily outperforms the M1 Air (14:41) and the 16-inch MacBook Pro 2021 (15:31).