Rockspace Range Extender

Whether you want to hide the SSID or do Rockspace extender firmware update, logging in to the device is the first and foremost step to tweak the extender’s settings. But, not everyone is a pro. Several users out there struggle to get through the login process of the Rockspace Range extender successfully. Just in case you’ve also boarded the same train, it is time to get down and fix the issue. This post consists of some troubleshooting tactics that will help you get rid of the issue like it never showed up. Read on.

Fixed: Can’t Log in to Rockspace Range Extender

Do Not Overlook Rockspace Range Extender Admin Info

The admin details of the Rock space range extender are vital parts of the login procedure. One mistake and the login game is over. FYI, the default password and username of the Rockspace device are case-sensitive. And, it is a universal truth that case-sensitive details need to be entered in the same manner as they are. So, cross-check the default details of your Rockspace device from the user guide and enter them properly. However, the manual won’t be able to help you if you’ve ever changed the admin details of your Rockspace device. In that case, you’ve to go down memory lane and recall the changed details.

The Web Browser Must be Updated

One needs to make use of the web browser to complete the Rockspace wireless extender login process. However, you need to be choosy while selecting the web browser. You can’t pick the web browser without ensuring that it is running on the latest version. On the off chance, you have only one web browser installed on your computer, it is recommended that you update it before attempting to Rockspace login. In addition, consider taking a brisk walk through the settings menu of your web browser and deleting unnecessary files. They can also lead you to login-related issues.

Get Access to the Extender’s WiFi

A lot of users in the hurry to make amendments to the settings of the range extender proceed with the login process without getting access to the Rockspace_ext. This is to inform you that the Rockspace login is possible only if you are using a device accessing the WiFi network of your Rockspace extender. Do not proceed using the mobile network. Otherwise, getting success with the extender login process will become the thing next to impossible for you. Additionally, ensure that there is no internet flaw from the end of your Internet Service Provider.

Restart Your Rockspace Range Extender

You might find yourself surrounded by the extender login issues if technical glitches have taken control of the Rockspace extender. Know that technical glitches are so potent that they can paralyze your device. Before it happens actually, consider giving a new start to your Rockspace. Although it is not that difficult, still some users need assistance with the same. Thus, consider powering down your Rockspace. After that, take a moment and let your extender rest. Once you feel that your extender has been given ample amount of time for rest, power it up and try to log in to it.

Get Rid of Viruses

Viruses don’t need any introduction today. They are known to cause havoc on home networks due to their tainted nature. Chances are that yours have already become a victim of the same. Therefore, we suggest you run a virus scan to identify the presence of infected files. Just in case you detect an infected file sheltered on your computer, delete it to get the issue resolved in hand.

Sum Up

That’s all about what to do if you can’t log in to your extender. We want to tell you that irrespective of the fact that you’ve performed Rockspace AC1200 extender setup or Rockspace AC2100 setup in your house, the tips above are equally applicable to all extenders. However, you can also choose to reset your device if you are impatient and want things to get happened in an instant.

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