TP Link Firmware upgrade

While performing TP-Link firmware upgrade, many users experience issues. They have reported that the firmware usually gets stuck in the middle of the process. This can happen because of a plethora of reasons. But, what is the point of worrying about the reasons behind the issue when you have the solutions to troubleshoot it? Yes. You got that right. In this post, we have mentioned some troubleshooting hacks with the help of which fixing the TP Link firmware upgrade stuck issue will become a piece of cake for you and you will be able to update the firmware of your device via TP Link extender login with ease.

For your information, regardless of the TP Link extender model that you have set up in your home, the hacks mentioned in this article can be implemented for all.

[Fixed] TP Link Firmware Upgrade Stuck Issue

TP Link

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  1. Restart the TP Link Extender

Restarting your TP Link wireless range extender is the first thing that you can do to resolve the TP Link firmware upgrade stuck issue. We are recommending you reboot your device because technical glitches might be stopping the firmware of your device from getting updated and they can be eliminated if you listen to us.

In order to restart your device, you need to first turn off your device, wait for some time, and then, turn it back on. Now, check if the TP Link firmware upgrade stuck issue has said cheerio to you. If not, then you should probably give the 2nd troubleshooting hack a try. Perhaps, it might help you out.

  1. Check the Ethernet Connection

Have a look at the condition of the Ethernet cable that has been used for the connection between the TP Link wireless range extender and the router. In case it is damaged or worn out, you are required to get a new one to replace the existing Ethernet cable. Once you bring it home, connect its one to the extender and another to the router.

In case this does not work well for you either to troubleshoot the TP Link firmware upgrade stuck issue, then it is recommended that you connect your networking devices with the assistance of a wireless medium. Hopefully, this time luck will kiss your feet and help you update the firmware by accessing the setup wizard.

  1. Update the Internet Browser

Using an outdated internet browser can also force you to face the TP Link firmware upgrade stuck issue. Not just that, but an outdated internet browser also has a partner in crime – cache, cookies, and browsing history. Therefore you need to update your internet browser to its most recent version.

Now, you might be wondering how you can update your internet browser. Well, know that you need to access the Settings menu of your existing web browser. After that, you need to click on the Update Browser button. In case updating your browser does not work for you, then consider using another browser for the firmware update process. 

  1. Enter the Correct Model Number

Perhaps, you did not make use of the correct model number while trying to update the firmware of your TP Link wireless range extender. Therefore, only use the correct model number. If you are not sure of the model number of your device, then it is recommended that you refer to the box in which the extender came or the user manual.

Once you are done following this hack, see if you are able to update the firmware of your TP Link wireless range extender to its most recent version, or did you still not get any luck? If it is the second option, then waste no more time restoring your device to its default mode. Just remember to set up your device from scratch after resetting your device.

The Bottom Line

If you follow the troubleshooting hacks mentioned in this post carefully, nothing can stop you from fixing the TP Link firmware upgrade stuck issue. Apart from the ones mentioned above, if there is any other through which you got rid of this issue, do share it with your fellow readers. You can do this via the comment section. They will definitely appreciate it.