Rockspace_Ext on Network List

Enjoying access to an ultra-fast internet connection via the Rockspace extender is exciting until it stops broadcasting its SSID. Are you also unable to see the extender’s Rockspace_ext on your network list? If it is a yes, then walk through this post to learn the topmost reasons why you are struggling with this problem.

Causes: Can’t See Rockspace_Ext on Network List

  1. Insufficient Power Supply

An improper power supply is the first reason behind the disappearance of the Rockspace_ext from your network list. You might be unaware but an inconsistent power supply to your Rockspace extender also halts your access to the re.rockspace.local/login portal thereby shutting all the doors for the extender’s management. Now, the question is why the power supply is insufficient. Well, there can be two reasons behind this. Firstly, your extender is plugged into a damaged outlet. Secondly, there might be a power outage in your area. To fix the first situation, get the socket repaired whereas using a UPS is recommended to resolve the second situation.

  1. Update the Firmware

Do you know that a set of instructions prompts your Rockspace extender to do a specific task? Well, now you know. These sets of instructions are collectively coined as firmware. Thus, there is a high possibility that your Rockspace extender has stopped broadcasting its network name due to an outdated version of the firmware. Know that the firmware of the extender needs to be updated on a timely basis to avoid any functionality-based mishap with the WiFi device. Thus, do not wait to install the newly introduced firmware version for your Rockspace device. But, there’s a catch. You are not allowed to upload the firmware file of one model of the extender on another one. The problem might increase instead of bidding adieu.

  1. Minor Bugs

Minor bugs a.k.a. technical glitches often lead to a major problem including the one you are already facing. Well, the reason for these glitches is completely unknown. But, we suggest you not get disheartened. The reason being you can fix them with the hack that is considered the simplest one in the networking realm. Do you know what this hack is? It is power cycling! Therefore, consider power cycling your Rockspace wireless extender to get the minor bugs fixed. Relax! It won’t harm your extender. We’re only asking you to power it down for a few seconds. Once done, you can power it up and check if the Rockspace_ext finally makes an appearance on the network list.

  1. Inaccurate Ethernet Connection

The accuracy of the Ethernet connection your WiFi devices (Rockspace extender and the host router) are sharing matters a lot. Especially, in the context of the issue you are currently facing. We want to tell you that the Ethernet connection between both devices needs to be as accurate as you can make it. In other words, it must be finger-tight. However, your efforts of maintaining a strong Ethernet connection will go down the drain if the cable you’ve utilized is not up to mark. What we are saying is that a damaged Ethernet cable won’t be of any good to you. You must proceed with the extender-router connection using a non-damaged network cable only.

  1. Incorrect Distance

When we say incorrect distance, we are referring to the distance between the networking devices involved in the assessment of the extender’s Rockspace_ext. We want to draw your attention to the distance separating your WiFi devices (extender and router). Are you sure that it is absolutely correct? Well, we doubt that! Have you placed them in two distant rooms of your house? If yes, then bring them a little closer. But, wait! You can’t let them share the same table. The chances of their WiFi signal getting messed up increases. Instead, place them a few meters distance apart.

Bonus: Pay attention to the distance between you and your Rockspace extender. Perhaps, you are trying to access the extender’s WiFi out of its range. Thus, get closer to your range extender and see if you are able to see Rockspace_ext.

The Final Thought

The guide disclosing the top 5 reasons why you can’t see the Rockspace_ext on your network list is now about to end. We want you to have a recap of what we discussed. You learned that from insufficient power supply to inaccurate extender-router distance, a lot of factors can prevent you from seeing the Rockspace network name on the WiFi list. Just in case every hack implemented by you has failed, then consider resetting your WiFi device and re-installing it by putting the re.rockspace.local web address to use. This time the extender’s network name will surely show up.

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